The best Asian food in the area is prepared by our staff of experienced employees led by owner and sushi chef Perla Balcita. Perla has been the owner and operator of several top Asian restaurants in Costa Rica. Hot Wok is her best and most successful venture to date.

Marketing and Public Relations is done by David Dion, a seasoned businessman and entrepreneur for over 50 years. Head chef is Rollie Balcita and helped by his wife Ruth Balcita who oversees the dining room. Mimi is the one that brings you your food along with Ruth. Both are professional servers. Most of our staff speaks four languages. 

Perla Balcita, owner and sushi chef. David Dion, marketing, Rolie Balcita. Ruth and Mimi keep our dining room running efficiently. Everyone is cross trained to take over any of the positions should the need arrive.
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